Alphamedia SIA


The company “AlphaMedia” has successfully implemented a number of international multimedia projects. These include creation of a random number generator and a unique signal distribution technology; as a result, we have created a hi-tech innovative new generation device based on that project.

We at “AlphaMedia” have developed a pattern of innovative electric controller for hardware-based random number generator (“CRNG”), selected the most advanced material and provided the best solution for implementation of the developed pattern of a principally new electric CRNG system.

The company has undertaken full range of work for procurement of material, developed a CRNG prototype based on the printed breadboard circuit and assembly of the components and units.

We at “AlphaMedia” have investigated the available information and found innovative solutions; we have developed program products, performed the required tuning and full installation and adjustment.

The company has developed innovative software (hereinafter “SW”) for CRNG based on AVR architecture. We have also performed test survey work in order to achieve sufficient speed and reliability of radiofrequency identification tag recognition, implementation of control methods and application of servo-controllers, equipment controls and RNG positioners.

We at “AlphaMedia” have developed algorithms for CRNG control in manual and automated designed for engineer working place SWs and introduced the required modifications.

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